Welcome to my blog! Witam serdecznie!

When I was a child my greatest wish was to have a walkie-talkie. With one press of a button I thought I’d be able to banish loneliness, fear, boredom… I can’t remember who I imagined would be at the other end receiving my messages.  Now here I am contemplating the endless vistas of the Internet which I mostly feel overwhelmed by. Forever behind with replying to e-mails and notifications, it takes me hours just to upload some holiday snaps let alone compose anything profound as befits a practising poet.

So what is it that makes me want to add my voice to the millions out there running along whatever it is they run along in cyberspace?  (Unscientifically, my mind’s eye conjures lots of mice scurrying up drainpipes – rats in a maze?) A friend tells me blogging is about self-discipline and a sizeable ego.  Hmmmn.  Probably it’s the same thing which makes anyone write in the first place. The old message in a bottle addiction to communication.  I know some people have it a lot worse – or is that a lot better? – than me. They blog all the time. Mine will be sporadic, erratic, occasional.  Un-disciplined.  I promise.

Some Jewish friends have been celebrating Rosh Hashanah – New Year.  I’ve just come back from a writing retreat in a wonderful place called Almassera. I’ve left behind Spanish summer and come back to English autumn.  I still think in school terms, so it’s back to school/work.  Time for a new notebook.  Autumn  seems the perfect time to start a new year.  And a blog.

I have a new poetry collection At the Library of Memories coming out in the near future from Waterloo Press, more trips & adventures, lots to look forward to. But right now I feel like a squirrel (more rodents?).  I want to store everything I’ve collected over the summer from ideas and poems begun to actual sunlight.  I wrote a poem called Sendero about this and the Spanish landscape which starts :

All winter I will feast on stories
of how the blue lorry stops
at the mountain spring
to collect water
or the fox lays a trail –

which is on the Almassera website, just click on Showcase & then Writing on http://www.oldolivepress.com/

I know it’s impossible but I want to hold onto the summer – or something –

for as long as I can.