The True Story of Cowboy Hat and Ingénue (Cinnamon Press/Liquorice Fish 2018)

Old Knives/Cutite vechi  (Integral Contemporary Literature Press, Romania, 2017)

Cedry z Walpole Park (K.I.T, Stowarzyszenie Żywych Poetów, Faktoria, Poland 2015)

At The Library of Memories (Waterloo Press, 2014)

Everyday Angels (Waterloo Press, 2009)

I’ll Be Back Before You Know It (Pighog Press 2009)

Syrena (Redbeck Press, 2004)

Home from Home (Flarestack, 2002)

Postcards from Poland and other correspondences with artist Jola Scicińska, (Working Press, 1991)