I’m very excited to be involved in Snow Q:

Snow Q is a collaborative project combining words, music and visuals, re-imagining Hans Christian Andersen’s story of The Snow Queen to explore contemporary themes of social isolation, gender, sexuality, migration and exile. Its February 2020 version was a tour of live literature productions with text by poet Maria Jastrzębska, performed by Rita Suszek and Maria Ziółkowska, directed by Mark Hewitt, written in the extraordinary hybrid language of Ponglish (half-English /half-Polish).

Maria’s poems are in the voices of 3 characters: Gerda and Kai, two young people, identifying as non-binary who slip effortlessly between Polish and English and the showy trickster, multi-lingual crone Crow.

3 filmpoems made by Wendy Pye run alongside this exciting production which includes music by Peter Copley and original art work by Dagmara Rudkin

You can watch the filmpoems on this link: https://snowqproject.wordpress.com/filmpoems/

For full info about the project see: